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The Rebirth of Retro Cars

Other modern cars that resemble or incorporate certain aspects of vintage cars are the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, the famous Mustang, Ford GT, the Jag S Type, the Mini Cooper, the Fiat 300C, the Nissan 350Z, and the Volkswagen New Beetle of course. Some of these cars have closer resemblance with their forebears while others […]

Promoting Your Retro Car on the Internet.2

Aside from the fact that you need to include photographs, ingenuity and persistence for the vehicle’s listing, and a vivid and accurate description, you also need to come up with the following ideas. As such, you will be able to market, advertise, and sell your retro or vintage car online the effective way: Take time […]

A Pick-Up with a Wooden Bed

One of the most durable vehicles is the pickup. It is an all-purpose automobile that can play its trade anywhere, from paved roads to dirt tracks, and even in the farm. Most pickup bodies are slightly tuned for monster truck competitions, featuring stronger skeletal framework and giant wheels. For this owner, he decided to take […]

All About Retro Cars.2

As of these days, definition of retro cars is still considered as ambiguous. However, there are certain countries, which made a standard for cars to be considered as something retro. For example, in Indonesia, a car needs to be at the age of 25 up to the age of 40 to be considered as retro. […]

All About Retro Cars.1

Remembering the good old days is one of the best things every human being is doing in his life. By doing this, people get the opportunity to relive the good old days. The same thing is true when people tend to make use of retro items like dresses, shoes, apparels, and others. What is really […]

Restoring Retro Cars

Restoring retro cars is a hard task, especially if you’re just learning on the craft. For beginners, the most logical way to do is to contact a mechanic who can do restorations, show him you what you bought and let him do his thing.  But of course, you end up paying a lot for the […]

Why We Love Retro Cars.2

3)Good investment—retro cars, especially for car connoisseurs, provide a good value especially if restored to its original state. Like any other antiques, retro cars increased value especially if it last longer. 4)Good avenues for retro car owners— owning a retro car is not only isolated to your case, but also to others who feel the […]

Why We Love Retro Cars

While a majority of people often buys modern cars, there are a considerable number of car connoisseurs who still cling to a more retroactive style of cars.  We can never explain why, but these people often choose retro cars rather than buy the new ones out of the market. While the market is rich with […]

Brand New Retro Cars with Classic Features and Modern Features

Many of the people today love turning back time; those times when they were still young and become intrigued with the car technologies that are occurring during those days. For sure, many of them love to have cars during those days but the problem is that they were a way unaffordable.  As of these days, […]

Insurance for Retro Cars

Owning and maintaining retro cars entail serious investments on both money and time. But, very few can match the thrill and excitement of being able to restore antique cars to their original state and drive them on the open road. Retro cars especially those that have been meticulously brought back can really fetch a very […]