How to hook up a trailer brake controller

Electric brake controllers are used to apply the brakes of a towed trailer. When you press the brake pedal in your vehicle, the signal goes to the trailer’s actuator or brake magnet. The braking force depends on power / voltage applied to the trailer’s electromagnets. Usually, brake controllers feature a 4-wire configuration that you can hook up to the wiring of your braking system.

How to hook up a trailer brake controller

These wires are:

  • Trailer feed – supplies brake power to the connector of the trailer
  • Battery power – supplies power to the controller itself
  • Brake switch – transfers power from the pressed brake pedal
  • Ground – connects the controller to a grounded (negative) source

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Dash Cover Types & Benefits

Depending on the area you live in, the temperature inside a vehicle can get as high as 110 degrees. That heat in addition to the damaging UV rays results in cracking and fading of the dashboard, significantly reducing the overall value of the vehicle.

To protect the dashboard, many car owners use a dash cover. Fortunately, today aftermarket manufacturers provide a vast range of dash covers to meet various tastes and needs of customers. Dashtex, DashMat, Dash Designs, and Coverking are the most recognized brands that design and manufacture a variety of dash covers of high quality and durability.

All dash covers available on the market ensure:

  • Fading and cracking protection
  • Reduced glare and dust
  • Custom fitment, which ensures hassle-free installation

Available in a myriad of styles and designs, dash covers not only protect the dashboard, saving its sleek original look, but also boost the looks of any vehicle interior. With the help of one of these handsome-looking, stylish pieces, you can easily bring the look and feel of plush carpeting, suede, velour, or real carbon fiber to your vehicle’s interior.

Dash Cover Types

Whether you are looking for a dash cover to protect your factory dashboard or cover up old cracks, the industry provides you with thousands of choices. In this article, we are going to tell you about the materials these accessories are available in. Read more »

Dorman replacement side mirrors: 4 main categories to choose from

Dorman replacement side mirrors, like any other spare wing mirrors, can be roughly subdivided into 4 main categories. Basically, any time you face the need of replacing one of your mirrors, you will have to consider several options. Surely, the final decision will depend mostly on your vehicle model and its year of production. Yet, some autos can be modified and upgraded, so it is worth considering several factors before making a purchase.

Dorman Mirrors

Dorman replacement side mirrors: Manual or Automatic?

This category is also often referred to as manual and power mirrors. The definition already makes it pretty clear – manual mirrors are adjusted by hand and are usually seen in the older car models. Most of the modern cars already have automatic, or power, wing mirrors. They are controlled by buttons, and can be readjusted from inside the car. Like all automatic devices they have a number of advantages in comparison to their manual counterparts. First of all, you can preset specific positions, and the car will ‘memorize’ them. Plus, such spares typically have a function of heating, which significantly facilitates driving in the cold temperatures and in the fog. Also, depending on the sunlight, the mirror can be dimmed, if necessary. Some of them are equipped with light signals – a great thing for driving in the dark; and, of course, they can be folded with a push of a button – a very handy option while parking in the big city conditions.

Side Mirror visibility: telescopic or towing?

Telescopic and towing mirrors are terms used to define the way your mirror can be adjusted. The latter ones are normally installed in trucks because they allow seeing far behind the vehicle and are perfect if you are driving with a cargo trailer. Telescopic mirrors also facilitate rear vision and have a function of readjusting its length (literary, they function like a telescope).

Dorman replacement side mirrors: choosing a glass type

Then, there is, of course, a particular type of glass to consider. There are three types of glass that are being used in the wing mirrors: plain, convex, and tinted. Plain is plain – meaning that it is a flat, normal glass with no extra features. Convex glass is different, and the objects seen through such mirror seem farther than they appear. In practice, this significantly facilitates driving. However, while driving with a mirror like that, you should always remember that the objective distance is different from what it seems to be. Finally, tinted glass is a glass with an additional hue. Normally, tinted glass can be greyish or bluish. Brown or yellow tint is also pretty widespread. And, of course, apart from being tinted, a glass can at the same time be either plain or convex.

Replacement mirror texture: painted or textured?

This refers to the outer surface of your side mirror. It can be either painted to fit the color of your car, or textured, which eliminates the possibility of painting. The first ones are smooth, while the latter are not. Plus, there are also combinations where one part is smooth and another is uneven. Even though textured mirrors look cool, smooth texture has one undeniable advantage – that is, ability to exactly fit the color of your auto.

Ford Talladega GPT Was Selected as the Best SEMA Showstopper

With so many new cars getting launched in the SEMA crowd, one more good news has popped up and that is Rad rides that would be unleashing Troy car soon. The concept of this car was earlier released in the year 1969 and become quite popular. It was one beauty which was designed, It was also an attraction at the NASCAR tracks in 1960’s and had been drove by so many popular drivers like David Pearson and Mario Andretti to name a few. The car has also won the Grand National title in the year 1968 and 1969.
About the car
Produced and designed by Ford Motor Company in the year 1969, this car was one of the best inventions that they might have manufactured so far. The car got its name from the Talladega Superspeedway racetrack which was held in Alabama. This car was considered as the dynamic version of its previous version called Ford Torino. It was one of the best cars that won many prices in different car races and won heart of so many people.
Features you cannot miss out
Painted in a two-tone colors
Comes with six-piston Wildwood calipers in front
Manual transmission of five-speed
High-tech custom computer system
Rear wheels with 750 ponies
14-inches Brakes
130 mph as a top speed
With so many features this car had created a history all over the world. Looking at its popularity to such a great extent SEMA finally decided to bring Ford Talladega GPT Special as a showstopper for their show and create a new definition of luxury and style. You can check out so of its amazing videos and gallery and get a closer look of its amazing concept and styling. So have you geared up to see this car at SEMA or not yet? Don’t lose out this amazing opportunity.

The Best Car of Times at ‘Casablanca’ Will Soon Be Ready for Auction

One of the most popular yet the rarest car which you might have seen Casablanca will soon be ready for auction. So for all the classic car lovers, this could be your best opportunity. There are so many trends and styles that have come up with regards to car. However, this is one of the arrest and the most unique car concept which you can ever come across.

What the Car all about?

  • The most convertible car ever made
  • Very smooth
  • Great comfort
  • three-speed manual transmission
  • Aztec Brown paint

When is it going to be? The auction called Held in What Dreams Are Made of: A Century Movie Magic” would hold the car for sake near the crossed block November 25. The model would be Model 81C trunk back which is a phaeton and is one of the classic inventions ever made. The speedometers show that the car has been run so far for more than 42000 miles and is the best one to be purchased.

About the car

The car is more popular for the fact that it has got the star status. It has been seen in most of the popular movies which gave him quite a lot more popular. The auction price may go to $500,000. Owed by Warner Brothers, the car was in the film industry till 1970 and later it was sold in the year 1995 for $211,500.

It is one of the best auctions that would be held so far for the fact that has come up with this gorgeous car which will still gain a lot more attention and popularity. So let us hope that this auction makes it grand and the car gets sold at a good value.

Ferrari GTO 250 – The Pricey Possession

Ferrari has found its place amongst the most wanted cars and it has turned out to be a dream car for many. There are many models coming up in the luxury car segment, but there are people ready to pay any price when it comes to Ferrari. Ferrari GTO 250 is one such rare vehicle offered by Ferrari for the hard core car lovers. This car was manufactured only for two years and that is from 1962 to 1964. There were only 36 models of GTO manufactured during this time. The main motto behind the manufacturing of this car was to make its presence felt in races. This popular car has the racing DNA which makes it conquer the racing track efficiently.
The performance of this racing machine is quite known to the car enthusiasts. The efficient V12 engine is the soul of this amazing car. The 3.0 L engine offers superb power and the car has good acceleration that makes it gain immense speed in no time. The spoiler is not provided and that used to be a major concern of safety. Still, this magnificent racing device has not met any major accidents during its racing time or even on the road drive.
Ferrari is always known for its performance and looks. Ferrari 250 GTO has comparatively simpler looks and is quite low on flaunting fancy electronics and switches. Most of the interiors of this popular car were embedded with leather and that added a lot to the comfort. The 2 seater car is still having admirers all over the world who are ready to pay anything for this precious possession.
Ferrari 250 GTO still has car fans waiting out there to get a glimpse of it and if it is out for sale then the takers are plenty.

Alfa Romeo Car-the Most Expensive One at its Time

Economic crises are faced by almost every country in the world today. However, looking at the profit margin which the car companies are earning today, you won’t even come to know, that economic crises are rising up. Researchers have shown that nearly at $29 million for the most expensive car have been sold that includes Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Martin, Lotus, , Rolls-Royce, and many more. However, looking at the introduction of more brands, more profit is being earned by this field.
The Car that is still in Demand
However, the most amount of profit and popularity which none of the other car has gained so far other than Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35 is something a unique one. Raced by Tazio Nuvolari, this car was considered to be the part of Scuderia Ferrari in the pre-war days. The car though popular in olden times, But this technology is something still popular even today. It was more popular for giving a tough competition to Mercedes-Benz and Audi during the Second World War.
More about Alfa Romeo car
In those times Alfa Romeo was considered as the most expensive car which as ever sold. It was used on road, sports and for race purse s as well. The earlier concept of this car was Alfa Romeo8C which later developed into 8C 35 Type. The name 8C was referred as the straight 8-cylinder engine. It was also said to be the Grand Prix racing car that was ever developed.
Features to Look for
Popular racing car
00 or 7.50 x 19 tires at the rear
15.5-inch drum brakes all round
3.8-litre versions produced 330 bhp
900 rpm to 5500 rpm
5.25 or 5.50 x 19 tires at front
So far this car is still into demand and is said to be one of its own kind for which the exchange rate in today’s world is more than $9.4 million.

The Manufacture of the Four Millionth Vehicle is Celebrated by Subaru

Cars have been wonderful vehicles to millions of people for a long time. These days there are many companies in the market that are introducing cars with various technologies. Not only this have the driving needs of the people been kept in mind by the companies. These days various cars are available in the market. They differ from each other in their power and the utility that they can provide.
There are many front line companies that have been able to grab a good share of the market for a long time. They have been providing the people with great designs every now and then. Though the companies are producing the vehicles on a large scale care has been taken to ensure that the expectations of the customers are met. There is no compromise with the efficiency of the cars. Subaru has made its own mark in the automobile industry by manufacturing a large number of vehicles. It has achieved a new feat by producing its four-millionth vehicle.
Some moments of this great achievement
The four-millionth car by Subaru was produced at its manufacturing factory that is located at Lafayette in Indiana.
The Deep Indigo Blue 2014 along with the first Subaru that is going to leave the plant of Indiana has the ability to mesmerize each and every car enthusiast.
The Subaru plant in discussion was first opened in way back 1989. These days it produces many well known models of the company such as the Legacy, Tribeca and Outback. Not only has this it also produced the Toyota Camry.
The plant was setup by Isuzu and Subaru as a joint venture.
The plant holds the record of producing nine models on the behalf of four manufacturers over the years.
It has been also reported that the plant is planning to produce another one million cars by 2017.

Rare 1967 Ferrari Fetches $27.5 Million at Auction

In a rare occasion at day two of RM’s Monterey auctions, one of the most exclusive Ferraris of all times was sold for a record breaking sum.1967 Ferrari 275 GTB The 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder was sold at a price that was far above the expectations. It was sold for a gavel price of $25 million and a total bill (after RM’s 10-percent fee) of $27.5 million.
It was the most expensive car ever auctioned in the United States and was just $2.2 million short of the record breaking 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula One Car that had been sold recently for $ 29.7 million.
Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spyder was one of only 10 of its kind ever built and has a history of single family ownership. It was owned by an orphan turned millionaire from North Carolina and was more of a garage queen. This also helped in the escalation of the price. This car was bought by the owner in the year 1968 and was featured in the movie “Thomas Crowns Affair”.
The present owner of the car told the reporters that all the proceeds from the auction shall go to different charitable organizations. He is also quoted to have said that the family was auctioning the car as it was his father’s wish that the car does not sit idle in the garage and that’s exactly was happening since his father’s death in 2007 (the original owner of the car). He advised the new owner to drive, love and enjoy the car and share it with others so that they can see it.
The NART Spyder was named so after the North American Racing Team and was the brainchild of Luigi Chinetti, Ferrari’s North American importer. Only 10 pieces were built. The NART Spyder is considered as one of the most beautiful cars ever built by Ferrari and is owned by some of the biggest car collectors in the world.