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Amazing Retro Cars

Every now and then, we see something that reminds us of our past, the fun that we had and other amazing experiences associated with whatever we saw. For me, some of my most memorable adventures were with my good old reliable Volks Beetle, one of the most enduring retro cars of anybody’s lifetime. The Beetle […]

The Wildest Retro Cars in the World

According to many people who consider themselves as car enthusiasts, having something new is not really a cool thing all the time. For cars, it is all about becoming retro and this is not a different thing with autos and cars. May Starey and Stuart Milne now present the SEMA 2009 retro cars.  Every year, […]

Another Salvage Yard has to Go

John Baughman has been working hard and quietly on his Baughman’s Auto Salvage yard on Dover for some years and had loved the yard so much. But his yard has to go and he can’t do anything to change City Hall’s decision. What is special about Baughman’s Auto Salvage was the cars that he have […]

Heritage of Luxurious Retro Cars in the Market

The evolution of retro cars has never been forgotten. Whatever entails the funky structure of an automaker lays a significant history to how miniature car designs dwell in automobile firms. There is what they call a “crisp” in the exterior styling as well as high-end speculations behind this classy auto. Remember the good old days […]