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The Aston Martin ZAGATO Is One Of The Most Popular Retro Machines To Have Ever Been Built

The Aston Martin ZAGATO was launched at the London Motor Show way back in 1958.  Despite the great success and immense popularity of the ZAGATO, it was subjected to numerous changes by Aston Martin in order to make it compete with the Ferrari 250 GT. However, only 1185 vehicles rolled out under the ZAGATO name […]

$53 Million Collected Over the Weekend for Vintage Cars

There are a lot of people in America who collect vintage cars as a passion and some of the collectible cars could also fetch a handsome amount in the retro car sales and auctions. Amelia Island Auctions One of the popular places where you will be able to buy and sell retro cars is the […]

The Ferrari 250 GTO Is Remembered As More Of An Engine Than A Car

Engine Specifications The Ferrari 250 GT featured a 3 liter V12 engine. It was fitted in strong and simple steel frames which were suspended by the wishbones with the help of just a single leaf spring on the front and a live axle in the rear. Most of the 205 GTO engines produced an output […]