Dash Cover Types & Benefits

Depending on the area you live in, the temperature inside a vehicle can get as high as 110 degrees. That heat in addition to the damaging UV rays results in cracking and fading of the dashboard, significantly reducing the overall value of the vehicle.

To protect the dashboard, many car owners use a dash cover. Fortunately, today aftermarket manufacturers provide a vast range of dash covers to meet various tastes and needs of customers. Dashtex, DashMat, Dash Designs, and Coverking are the most recognized brands that design and manufacture a variety of dash covers of high quality and durability.

All dash covers available on the market ensure:

  • Fading and cracking protection
  • Reduced glare and dust
  • Custom fitment, which ensures hassle-free installation

Available in a myriad of styles and designs, dash covers not only protect the dashboard, saving its sleek original look, but also boost the looks of any vehicle interior. With the help of one of these handsome-looking, stylish pieces, you can easily bring the look and feel of plush carpeting, suede, velour, or real carbon fiber to your vehicle’s interior.

Dash Cover Types

Whether you are looking for a dash cover to protect your factory dashboard or cover up old cracks, the industry provides you with thousands of choices. In this article, we are going to tell you about the materials these accessories are available in.

Manufacturers mainly use 5 types of materials and they are:

  • 1. Carpeting
  • 2. Suede fabric
  • 3. Velour fabric
  • 4. Woven fabrics
  • 5. Carbon fiber


Carpeted dash covers are available in solid colors, which makes them more conservative in nature. They come without patterns and contrasting highlights providing the interior with just the right amount of classics. Carpeted covers can be made of:

  • non-shrinking needle punch carpet;
  • heavy-weight polyester carpet (poly-carpet);
  • a blend of high tech materials, which can be molded into the shape of the dashboard (these covers are known as molded).


This material ensures easy cleaning and an everlasting finish, while giving the interior of a vehicle a luxurious look. There are several types of suede dash covers available:

  • Made of soft, smooth imitation suede material;
  • Manufactured from perforated suede-like material;
  • Crafted from brushed suede-like material.


Soft and plush velour dash covers offer the widest variety of printed patterns in addition to solid colors.


Woven fabric dash covers deliver a perfect combination of durability, wear-resistance, and easy cleaning. Crafted to stay good-looking even under hard use, these covers are available in solid colors and with printed patterns.


For those who want to make their interior really special and exclusive. To minimize fading of carbon fiber, every cover features a clear laminated top layer that blocks UV rays, while providing a smooth surface for easy cleaning.

In addition to a great number of materials, colors, and designs to choose from, aftermarket manufacturers also allow car owners to customize their dash cover with embroidered images and personalized lettering.

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