Featured Modified Retro Cars

The modified Lexus is250 2006 is considered to be one of the first custom vehicles with gold finish. It features several exterior modifications including the custom mirror gold finish, and gloss black roof courtesy of Wrapup Company. There are many modifications done of the model including the engine, transmission, suspension, and interior modifications that are truly exceptional. 
The modified Ford Capri 2.9 V6 24v 1973 is one of the most popular retro cars that has a lot of new upgrades and modifications this year. The Ford Capri 1973 model has several features and highlights such as the yellow finish, BBS alloy wheels, transmission, and suspension modifications. The engine modification is called the Scorpio 2.9 v6 24v BOA engine.
The C3 Retro Corvette Stingray C3R has a lot of changes this year. The modifications of the Retro Corvette are mostly found on the rear end. These changes include an addition of a chamfer, the extension of the rear for about 25mm, and the front fender on the front wheel. The rear deck area was also flattened to give it a more modern look as it matches the profile of the 69 Stingray model. There are certain changes on the dimensions except the length. Meanwhile, many people are expecting of a pop-up lights which did not appear in the outcome of the car’s modifications. One of the main highlights of the retro model is the main surfaces of the C3 Retro Corvette Stingray. 
The modified VW Citi 1.8 Sport 1987 is one of the oldest cars that had a major overhaul this year. There are several highlights of VW Citi including the reflex silver finish, the 1.8 carb stock standard engine modifications, a manual 5-speed transmission, and Koenig 60/40 suspension modifications. It also features a 17 inch narrow and wide alloy wheels, a 17 inch tires, and brakes are modified as well.
Meanwhile, the modified Mazda RX-7 FD3S 1993 is added in the collection for retro cars this year. The most recent project is the RENM Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 LE-C 2011 that features a re-designed interior with carbon fiber sections, as well as the addition of new race seats, seat belts, and a modern steering wheel. There are several highlights of the new model including the ECU recalibration, the redesigned air-intake, exclusive LE-C lightweight center-lock forged wheels, and a whole lot more. This tuning program is considered to be one the most comprehensive projects in history.

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