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Ways of Getting a Classic Car Restored

There are many people living in this world who have a classic old car in his collection.  But at many times it has been seen that the car needs to get some amount of repairing. Thus it will be a good idea to take the help of a professional to get the job done. But […]

Revival of the Classic Retro Cars for the Best Future

Glimpse of the retro world Retro cars are a craze among today’s generation too. Though these vintage cars are not like our modern cars with the best facilities but they are the sole ones in their own style with a unique identity. Retro car itself means still ambiguous. The owners of these retro cars have […]

A Glimpse Into Retro Cars

Retro is the term that is used to define aged styling or culturally outdated styling and there have been many occasions where retro style has come back into fashion in the world of clothing, footwear and other areas. Retro cars are cars that are about 25 to 40 years old and cars that are over […]

Taking Care of Automatic Retro Cars during Rainy Season

As of today, retro cars are in the verge of peak popularity.  Car owners have that elusive dream of owning vintage and retro cars that have become popular during the yesteryears. And now, owning a retro car is something that can give you a sense of pride.   This is the reason why many people […]

Another Salvage Yard has to Go

John Baughman has been working hard and quietly on his Baughman’s Auto Salvage yard on Dover for some years and had loved the yard so much. But his yard has to go and he can’t do anything to change City Hall’s decision. What is special about Baughman’s Auto Salvage was the cars that he have […]

Bring Back your Nostalgic Past

Bring back your nostalgic past and relive those days when Afros and psychedelics were the order of the day by setting up your own retro car. Retro cars are our way of handing down some of the features of our culture to the next generation. They are the signatures of our way of life back […]

Retro Cars: Retro Show – July 01, 2012 at Santa Pod Raceway

On July 01, 2012, Sunday, a retro show will be held at the Santa Pod Raceway and the show will be presenting classic cars and bikes. The show is going to be something different; as for the previous retro car shows, which have been attended by many where they only sat there and sip their […]

First Retro cars show for 2012

All retro cars owners and lovers are invited to join The Retro Show to be held on the first Sunday of July 2011 at Santa Pod Raceway. The retro show promises to be action-packed show with all the show and shine for all types of retro vehicles. Retro Show welcomes all retro vehicles including cars, […]